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About Us...

EGYPT IS OUR PASSION! We have dedicated our time to curating the perfect tours of Egypt that offer comfort, value for money, and quality in every aspect of your trip. 

MJ Horus Adventures was founded in 2019 by Janet Mendenhall and Mostafa Abdeen.

Janet is an avid world traveler and has a deep fascination with Ancient Egyptian culture. She has broad experience traveling within Egypt. Her expertise and knowledge of the country mean you will be in very capable hands both while preparing for one of our trips and while we are touring. She ensures that our credible business practices are robust to include being fully insured and IATAN accredited.

Mostafa is a native Egyptian and our licensed local guide.  His knowledge of Egyptian history and culture is exceptional and he has invaluable connections in-country. He always goes the extra mile for his guests and his personality is a delight. Mostafa has been a tour guide since 2010 and has degrees in both French Literature & Ancient Egyptian History. He is fluent in English, Arabic and Czech.

Dreaming of an Egyptian getaway? We will be happy to make the arrangements for you from start to finish.  Just get in touch!

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