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Our guests discover Egypt at exceptional rates and with unparalleled access. Check out some of our customer reviews for yourself!

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"We were offered either a 2-week or a 3-week tour of Egypt. I chose the two-week trip which became a lifetime travel highlight for me. Our group of eleven women had a remarkable experience. We saw many important historical sites, enjoyed delicious Egyptian food, and stayed in comfortable hotels. Our transportation included private tour buses, horse carriages, planes, and riverboat cruises on the Nile. We also visited local shops that featured unique Egyptian items; we learned about making papyrus, alabaster products, textiles made with Egyptian cotton, and lovely perfumes. We had a wonderful time visiting typical markets, where we purchased a variety of mementos to bring back and share with family and friends.

For me, the best part of the trip was having a bilingual, vibrant Egyptian tour guide who shared his incredible knowledge of and passion for his country. We learned about Egypt’s ancient history, the power of the pharaohs, their tombs and pyramids, the gods and so much more. Our guide was warm, friendly, and willing to engage in helping us learn about the culture, the norms, and values of the amazing Egyptians – both then and now! It was incredibly helpful to have an American woman as a co-tour guide. She was able to provide insight and guidance into any experience from her many previous trips to Egypt. The two made for an absolutely perfect guide combination that benefited each of us.

What I experienced was a very special personal tour and would highly recommend MJ Horus Adventures to anyone seeking a personal, engaging, and educational tour of Egypt!"


"Loved the Winter Palace, especially the breakfast! Beautiful gardens, peacocks, flamingoes, and fabulous people! The balloon ride was magical".


"The Nubian Village celebration dinner was so delicious. The dancing and drummers - what a memorable night!"


"Where to start. I love Egypt. Arriving in Cairo was like a dream. The Pyramids and Sphinx were a highlight. The Hayat hotel was lovely; the food was excellent, loved the rooftop. "


MJ Horus Adventures is ready to help you plan your adventure of a lifetime!

Get in touch and we will take care of the rest.

Customer Reviews: Testimonials
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